Monday, 23 April 2018

Class 40 Diesel Gala, East Lancs Railway, 11th to 17th April.

Well we were soon off to Burrs Country Park CMC site for the gala celebrating 60 years of the Class 60 Diesel Locomotive.
We had a good run up, this time using the M6 toll to avoid the congestion on the M5 around Birmingham.
The site was very full when we arrived, but we still managed to get a pitch on the edge of the railway.
As usual we met up with Kathy and Rob, and shared many meals with them.
This time though Robert and Kathy came down to us twice to share meals in our caravan.

On the Thursday City of Wells was running, so I took the opportunity of using one of my members tickets to travel up and down the line behind her.

On the Friday morning the Diesel Gala started and we had trains hauled by class 60's going up and down the line. Robert and I went out to play trains for the day! I can honestly say I have never seen the trains so busy!  At times we could not find a seat!

Now let the pictures do the talking!

They made quite an impressive display

On the Saturday we rode the trains again, with Mark joining Robert and I.
At about 5.00 pm Kathy collected Lizzie and together with Dennis they joined us at Bury Station.

Dennis did want to pose by City of Wells that was taking the dining train out on the Saturday evening.
We spent a day doing some shopping on the Monday, before Robert and Kathy came down for dinner!

We cleared up on Tuesday, and owing to a broken Jockey wheel the warden helped us hitch up. We left by 10.30 and headed home. We reached Chipping Sodbury Caravans just before 3.00, and they soon had it fixed!
A great trip away!

Uplands CL, Chittlehamholt, Umberleigh. 2nd to 4th April

 Our review says it all!

Well what an absolutely fantastic site!
Access road are narrow, but if you follow Clare and Colin’s instructions there are plenty of passing places, there instructions are better than the club instructions!
On arrival at the site we were served with tea, or coffee and biscuits, very welcome after a long bank holiday Monday drive!
Excellent welcome pack. All we needed to know!
The pitches are all large hard standings, with water and electric on each pitch. Superb views over the beautiful countryside.
As for the shower and loo, well they are better than most people have at home.
The information area contains all the leaflets for the area and a book and DVD loan area!
The pub next door is due to reopen in the next few weeks! They were taking deliveries as we left, so it cannot be far away!
Recycling on site, and a superb community shop two minutes from the site.
Once we were all set up, Clare and Colin came down to check all was well, a really nice touch.
We were only there for two nights, but are back again in July for a week!
When we left, Clare and Colin gave us instructions for the best way out of the site back to the motorway! Again superb ones!

Now for the downside ...........Nope, cannot think of anything!

We did get to see Jade, James, Josie and Jack on Monday and Tuesday, and had a lovely time.

Views over open country side!
We are at the site again in a few days so will take lots more photos!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Hurn Lane CMC site, Brean.

Well we decided that we would pop down to Brean for a week. For those who do not now about Brean, it has amazing long beaches, and it is lovely just to sit there reading and watching the sea, even if it is half a mile away.
Brean is also made up of many huge caravan sites, each with swimming pools, clubhouses, bars and restaurants.  Well Hurn Lane CMC site has just 139 pitches, mostly hard standing and a toilet block.
We pitched up opposite a line of pitches that were not in use as the electric had failed. Gave us a good view across the site though.

Empty pitches as the electric hook ups were awaiting repair.

We went into Burnham on the Friday to do the weeks shopping.

On the Saturday I drove to Wellington to collect a beer engine that Robert had bought on Ebay.
We then went to the beach and Lizzie was driving up and down. First time in two years that she had been behind the wheel. It was a nice day, albeit a trifle chilly.

Brean Beach

The Sunday was Palm Sunday so I decided to go to the 8.00am service, but could not find where the service was so I went to the 9.15 service at St Bridget's Brean, and it was a very good service. It was a really beautiful day so we ended up sitting outside the caravan for the first time in 2018.

Sitting outside the caravan in the spring sunshine.

 I then cooked a proper Sunday Dinner!

Roast Gammon with all the trimmings

We met up with Danna and Pete in Weston Super Mare on Monday at the Atlantic Fish Bar, and had some amazing Fish and Chips. It was good to see Donna and Pete as we have not seen them for a few months.

Tuesday and Wednesday were quite wet days , particularly over night! So much so that neighbouring sites were cancelling their grass pitches for the forthcoming Easter weekend.
Fortunately it dried up on Wednesday during the day and we were able to get the awning down dry.
We then left on the Thursday and had a good run home.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Tredegar House, CMC site, Newport, South Wales.

So we decided a week away would be a good idea as the weather looked fair. We have been to Tredegar House before some four years ago. What should have been a short journey of some fifty minutes, turned into a journey of over two hours as there had been an unfortunate accident on the Motorway. The journey was further complicated by massive road works as we approached the site.
Anyway on to the site and we set up at the top of the site, big mistake as  you get more road noise at the top of the site.
We set up and put the awning up. Pegging it down was really difficult as the hard standings were the hardest I have ever experienced. Many bent pegs.  The warden did say though that in October 2018 the hard standings were all being replaced, and the ablutions block was going to be replaced as it was rather tired!

Our Pitch

The view across the site

We settled down for a relaxing time, and were able to pop down to the Tredegar House Tea shop
Tredegar House is a National Trust Property. At this time of year the gardens are open, but the house is closed up.

The main entrance to Tredegar House

We went over to the St Fagans National Museum of History at St Fagans. This is an estate which was donated to Wales some seventy years ago.  When it was donated there was a Castle at the top of the site and a farm house at the bottom. Since then over forty original buildings from different historical periods have been brought from all over Wales and re-erected  on the hundred acre site.
All the buildings are open to visitors, and often craftsmen are working in them. It really is worth a visit, and it is free.

The Village Stores

The working water wheel, that powers the working Flour Mill

This is the pig sty, built in a circular shape to stop pigs digging in the corner!

Inside one of the cottages

On one of my wanderings round Tredegar House I came across these film crews who were filming 'Jerusalem', a spy thriller set in the mid 1940s for channel 4.
It was really amazing just how big the film crew was and also how many takes they did for each scene.

The film crew

This was in the background of the scene being filmed. Poor chaps were going backwards and forwards with these chairs.

At the end of the week we cleared up and were home in under the hour .

Thursday, 1 March 2018

2018 gets under way!

Well for our first trip of the year we decided to head for Burrs Country Park CC site in Bury, so we could see Kathy. Robert and Dennis the Dawg.
Unfortunately a couple of days before we were due to leave our Discovery Sport decided to play up. A quick phone call to Land Rover Assistance and one of their technicians duly turned up. He diagnosed a faulty Ad-Blue injector. Discovery booked into the dealer and eventually two days later,   we were supplied with a brand new only 11 miles on the clock Discovery 5. (They had difficulty sourcing a Land Rover with a tow bar).

The Discovery 5 we were loaned. £73.000 Price Tag

So the following morning we were off. As we cruised up the M5 followed by our caravan we had a phone call to say ours was ready. I explained where we were, and that I had just put £70.00 of Diesel in! OK I was told, carry on with your plans and bring it back next week!

A long run up to Bury, horrific roadworks on the M5 and M6. We arrived at the site, set up on our favourite pitch, and it was round to Roberts for Dinner.

Friday was dry so i put the awning up first thing. We then went down to the market in Bury, where new iPad cases were purchased. We then cam back to the caravan where I caught the steam train that was running. As it was half term the train was quite busy.

This was the Engine doing the half term Steam duties. 

On Saturday Robert Kathy and I went up to Wetherspoons for breakfast. Then Kathy went home and Robert and I went off to ride the diesel trains that were running all day.

Robert in conversation with the driver

This DMU was doing the Bury Ramsbottom shuttle

Driver View from the DMU
 Later in the day Kathy collected Lizzie and we all met up for an early dinner at another Wetherspoons.
Then Robert and I went off to ride the evening trains between Bury and Heywood. These trains were double headed to start with so the engines made a real racket. The last train of the evening was single headed.

On the Sunday we spent time at the caravan watching the train go past, before going up to Roberts for an excellent Sunday Dinner.

The view of the trains from our caravan

Passing the campsite.
Monday saw me at the market first thing, before meeting up with my cousin.

We cleared up on Tuesday morning before heading home. For a change we came down the M6, M6 toll, M42 and M5. This route avoided an awful lot of the road works.

As for the Discovery 5, well it was ok, and comfortable, but no better than our Discovery Sport.
It only did 19.6 MPG, whereas ours does 31mpg towing. So we definitely made the right decision.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Exmoor House CMC Site, Dulverton.

Well it is December so for our final trip of the year we have set off for Dulverton. This time, in view of the road works on the A39 we have opted to use the M4/M5 option. Traffic was not too bad and we passed a few other caravans on the road. 
We arrived at the site and soon were set up on our fully serviced pitch.
All set up

As it was Friday we opted for fish and chips for dinner from the local shop, which is only a two minute walk from the site.  
One of the real advantages of this site is that it is right in the middle of town, so there is no need to use a car.
On the Saturday we went down to Morrisons  in Tiverton, where Lizzie enjoyed zooming round the store buying Christmas treats for the family whilst I got on with the normal shopping.
I went to Church on Sunday morning, then we spent much of the day in Dulverton where 'Dulverton by Starlight' was taking place. Then it was back to the caravan where we cooked dinner and then watched the firework display.

On Tuesday we had an early start as Lizzie had a check up after her cataract operation that had been done the previous week. For this we had to go to The Circle hospital at Peasdown St John, which is just south of Bath. We had a good run up, M5, then on through Wells. 
Check up done, we headed back and came through Dunster and then over the top of Exmoor. 

Wednesday saw us driving to Bideford to inspect the house that Jade and James are hoping to buy. House looked good and was close to the sea. Looks as though we will be driving to Devon on a regular basis now.

Woods Restaurant in Dulverton was where we went for lunch on Thursday. It was absolutely superb as usual.

Inside Woods


 So that was it, our last trip of the year over. Commitments at home prevent us getting away in January, so our next trip will be early February.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Old Oaks Caravan Site Glastonbury

Well having heard so much about Old Oaks, Glastonbury, and what a perfect site it is we decided to visit it for a week.

Our nice shiny Discovery Sport.  

We drove down on the Sunday and were soon set up on a pitch at the top of the site. The pitch was quite tight and the Discovery had to go in the front of the caravan.
This was our first excursion with our new to us Discovery Sport that I had collected from Bury the previous day.

Our Pitch

We shopped on the Monday in nearby Glastonbury Town.

As the weather was so nice we headed for Yeovilton Fleet Air Arm Museum. We spent a very pleasant day there viewing all the different exhibits.  There now follows a selection of photos we took as we toured the museum.

We were able to watch Helicopters flying outside from the large viewing windows.

A general view of the museum, with a Box Kite at the front.
If you are ever down that way it really is worth a visit.

I went to the local Land Rover breakers on Thursday to find a reflector for Roberts Discovery 3. Found one and it cost all of £2.00, far better than the £20.00 that Land Rover wanted.
We then popped into Wells but the weather turned a bit inclement so we did not stop
We decided to go to Clarks village on the Friday, but it was so busy we could not find anywhere to park to we adjourned to Morrisons instead.

We cleaned up on the Saturday, and left early on Sunday to get home and see Jade who was stopping at our home.

A good week, but nothing special about the site that would make it one we want to visit again.