Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tillshead, salisbury Plain

Salisbury Plain  “8th April – 2nd May
This time we were heading for a more rural Setting. Tilshead, on Salisbury Plain.  Took the Disco this time and, with its new rear shock absorbers fitted, towed like a dream.   Pitched up and later Cathy and Rob arrived.  Lots of other Landrovers on the site.

Friday was royal wedding day, so we went to Salisbury to do a bit aof shopping, and were able to watch the Wedding Highlights in Waitrose. Went for a run over the ‘Plain’ with Mal and some of the others.  The ground was so hard, that we pulled out after about 8 miles as we feared damaging the Disco. Zoe drove some of the easier sections!
Saturday was again warm and sunny, so we set off for Thruxton to see the Touring car Championship  as well as some other races.  Were able to get in and had almost free range of the circuit, including the pits.  Lewis Hamilton was there.

We were woken by bright sun on the Sunday, so after  getting the papers and a bit of shopping, we spent the day on site, reading and the odd glass of vino.  We did om and ah about going laning but Rob had damaged the Range Rover, so we quickly dismissed that idea.
A leisurely start on Monday, and we packed  up for the journey home, via Mal’s to drop off the event shelter.

A brilliant hot sunny weekend with excellent company.

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