Friday, 27 July 2012

Greenacres Farm CL, Bibury. 19th-24th July

Hooray the weather has changed at last! It is bright and sunny. Greenacres Farm CL is just a short jaunt of thirty miles for us. We were on site by 1.00pm, and there was only one other caravan there. The site was very large, so we chose the end of the field, in the corner where we could be relatively private. I have to add that the pitches were 18m apart, and each had its own plug and tap.

On the Friday we had a prior arrangement to collect Lizzie's mum and  Roy from Gordano services on the M5. They had been on a coach trip to Ireland. We set off to collect the, going via Chipping Sodbury caravans to pick up a proper television aerial. Driving down the M5 was not a lot of fun as it was the first day proper of the school holidays, they were duly collected and dropped to their home in Winterbourne and we returned to site. As we had gone through Chipping Sodbury, we had called in at home to collect the post. The Caravan Club's guide to sites in France had arrived so I was able to look forward to reading that over the next few days and get more planning done for our proposed trip to Corsica next summer.

On the Saturday, it was so hot. We only went into Bibury for afternoon tea and a visit to the local tea rooms at the Trout farm. It certainly is a nice place, but was rather full of tourists, fortunately none when I took this picture!
We drove though part of the area as we had spotted some green lanes we thought we could drive. When we got to them they were so overgrown that we could not attempt them in the Freelander2.

Some super gardens though.

Three more caravans arrived on site, so it was now full!  One chap kept visiting the rest of us, inviting us to come up to his awning to share a drink and chat. We decided that a short visit was ok, so we popped up for half an hour. That was plenty!  we were soon back in our own area.  Enough said!!!!

The Sunday was even hotter so we popped into Cirencester to get the papers and some salad stuff. On the way back we stopped at 'The Village Pub' in Barnsley.  This is a delightful village and the pub looked interesting!

Well it was very nice, but also very, very expensive! A glass of wine was £7.50.
 It was nice to park amongst all the Range Rovers and Discoveries!   At least ours was the newest!
We decided to stay for an extra night, so the following morning it was off to Chedworth Roman Villa. Driving through the countryside was rather enjoyable!

Then it was back to our pitch, where Lizzie wanted to get back to reading that book!

We cleared up the following morning, and set off home. I was a pleasant drive, spoilt only by a few drivers who pulled out in front of us and then proceeded to drive slowly in front of us. We travel on normal roads at about 50mph, which is the limit when towing, so having somebody driving in front of you so slowly is annoying. It also makes the traffic behind us think that we are holding them up. So a hasty pull into a few laybys, to let the traffic clear, and also let vehicles following see that we are not the cause of the hold up.

Anyway, that was our trip to Bibury.  We shall definitely use this site again.
Home now for a few days before our next trip.

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  1. Your caravan and awning look a bit precariously pitched on that slope!