Monday, 31 December 2012

A few facts about our travels 2012

We have kept a record of how many miles we have towed this year.
Here is the breakdown of the figures:

Pitts Farm, Cheddar.                                                 60 miles

Oxenhope    and. Burrs Country Park.                    406 miles

Synderborough Farm, Sidmouth.                            197 miles

Brittany and Normandy.                                          545 miles

Bristol & West Land Rover Show.                            70 miles

Aberbran CC site, Brecon.                                       140 miles

Greenacres CL, Bibury                                              64 miles

Menehay Farm Falmouth and Start Bay.                 418 miles

Walkeridge CL. Basingstoke.                                  134 miles

Eastnor Castle, Land Rover Show.                          120 miles

Westfield Farm CL, Dorchester.                              145 miles

Birley Arms, Warton, and Burrs Country Park.       447 miles

Crofty Nurseries, Saundersfoot.                               270 miles

Exmoor House, Dulverton.                                       180 miles

This gives a total for actual towing of                      3196 miles

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