Friday, 28 March 2014

Cheddar CC Site. 19th to 23rd of March

Only home for a couple of days then off again, this time to Cheddar Caravan club site!  This is a typical Caravan Club site with lots of 'elf and safety' warnings The first is that the access road is difficult as it is narrow and you must not arrive before 1pm.  For goodness sake the entrance road is only 120 paces long, and if you cannot reverse a caravan you should not be towing one.

Anyway I digress.  We drove down, via our favourite Burger van. Rolled on to the site and set up on pitch 8.         One rule during the winter months is always find a south facing pitch. That way you benefit from any sun that may be around.
This really is a very small site, only 65 pitches for which they charge you £18.00 per night.  The only facilities are the ablutions block, dish washing and laundry area.  In fact the facilities were nowhere near as good as Northam Farm,where the charge was £13.00 per night.
Next door was a commercial site that looked very good and only charged £13.00 a night.There is even a CL across the road that is probaly cheaper.

The site is very close to the centre of Cheddar, and the walk into town is via the Strawberry line, (one of Dr Beechings casualties), which is now a Cycle/footpath.  The other way is out of the gate, turn left and wall up the road, that has no footpath into town. Elf an safety rears its head again with CC signs warning you not to go that way!  Guess which way I went?

On my first trip into town for papers I could only find Tesco's!  Got a third degree grilling from the assistant over why I refuse to have a Club Card.  She did not like it when I expressed my opinion of Tesco's.  Soon found a Budgens so that got our support!

Next door to us was a motorhome using an Aus Tent as a Dog kennel!  That sure is a pampered pooch!

On the Thursday we went into Wells, and had coffee at the Bishops Palace Coffee shop. This really is an excellent setting.

 Then it was on to the Cook shop where a new kitchen timer and various other bits and pieces were purchased. This is a lovely little shop which is not overly expensive.

Street was the destination for Friday. We wandered around the retail outlet centre, spending money at Marks and Spencers, and the  Procook shop, knives and things for me. Drove across some of the levels and saw many sandbags piled up still.

Saturday was a lovely day, nearly as good as the previous week.  We went to the market, overpriced and not particularly interesting.  More coffee in the Bishops Palace!  We then drove over the top of the Mendips,and down Cheddar gorge back to camp. Can you spot the mountaineering goat in the photo?

Langostines with salad, followed by Duck pancakes for dinner!  Yum Yum!

Cleared up on Sunday morning and left the site by 12.15.  Probably got a black mark from the CC for leaving late.  Home via our Burger Van again,

Neat site, but not in a hurry to visit it again!

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  1. Enjoyed your blog, thanks. We haven't stayed at this site, but have used the Camping and caravanning club site at Priddy - called Cheddar Mendip Heights - one of my favorite sites. I've put a review on Caravan Talk.