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Tredegar House CC site. 22nd April 2014

Well we looked round for somewhere else to go and spotted Tredegar House just between Newport and Cardiff.We had been looking for a CL, 5 caravan site, but this was about the same price, so I popped up and collected the Caravan from storeage and brought it home to pack. Maragret, our char lady was at our home doing her thing so she inspected the new caravan and gave it her seal of approval.
We then set off along the M4 over to Welsh Wales. As we were going along Lizzie said that thesideof her face ached, but that it would be ok. 
We were on site by 1.10, pitch 38. This is a really nice tidy site with good size hardstandings. We quickly set up in the sun and relaxed for the afternoon.

Our Pitch

The National Trust Park next to the Caravan Site was invaded by travellers at 3.30pm, so the whole of the site went iinto lock down! Plenty of Police and security men around. We cooked dinner and turned in. 
The site stayed in lockdown mode until Wednesday morning, although the travellers had been evicted the previous night!  Good work by the National Trust.

We went to Tredegar house for Coffee, and then as Lizzies face was rather swollen we got an emergency appointment at the local health centre.  Lizzies face went down during the day, and we were toldit would probably go away, if not we needed a dentist.

Bit of a damp day, so I got to the bottom of the Cool bathroom!  It was a pipe that had come adrift in the wardrobe, so that was soon sorted. I do have to say this heating seems excellent. Just set the temperature and forget it.

Thursday started really well. Lizzies face had returned to normal, so after breakfast we set off for St Fagans. This is the Welsh National Folk Museum.  Lots of oldbuildings have been collected from all over Wales and rebuilt there. Many have people working in them showing traditional crafts.  It is at least 25 years since I was last there.  We spent several hours just wandering the site.
A good use for an old Tram

How shops used to be!

The China department

The Village Institute. Library, reading rooms and a concert hall
A Showmans Tractor


The whole fair

The stove in the School. I hadoneof these in my classroom when I first started teaching!

On Friday Lizzie woke with a really swollen face, so wephoned her dentist at home.  No chance of an emergency appointment.  So we rang the Welsh Health service emergency dental line in Cardiff.  They put us through to Newport, and then we were given an appointment at a dentist in Cadicott for two hours time.  Off we went, and Lizzie saw this nice dentist who removed a rather angry tooth.  Lizzie soon began to return to normal!  It only cost £13.00 as well. Excellent service.

Saturday morning saw Lizzie virtually back to normal so after breakfast it was Coffee at Tredegar House followed by a tour of the house.  When we got there we were told the disabled lift was not working, so were given free tea and coffee to compensate.
The house was very good so I will let the pictures tell the story.

The dining room

Bed in the day room!

Many outstanding portraits

Part of the outside

On Sunday we had a leisurely clear up before driving home and putting the caravan back in to storeage.

Whilst we were on the Tredegar House site were aware of people going past and looking at our Caravan.  It is such a new model that we have not yet seen another one, either being towed or on site!

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