Saturday, 17 January 2015

Batch Nurseries, Lympsham, Weston Super Mare. 6th to 11th January 2015

We were getting serious Caravan withdrawal symptoms, so treatment was needed.  I searched on the web and find this was open all year.  It was listed on as having 15 pitches,but also mentioned that it was a CS,  ( only 5 pitches and only open to Caravan and Camping Club members, which we are not).
Anyway I rang them and asked for a pitch and did we have to be a member.  No, open to all, so a pitch was booked and off we set..
Drove down through the middle of Bristol, I don't mind driving in traffic, and on to the A38. We followed the directions and found the site easily.  I paid the fees, all of £11.00 per night with Electric!

We set up in the corner, with the caravan facing south, which gave us a good view of the trains, and also to make good use of the available sun!  This also meant that we should be well protected from the prevailing wind (Gales) which comes from the South West.

As soon as the caravan was levelled and connected to the Electric Hook up, the heating was turned on using gas, which warms up the caravan very quickly.

Amazingly for the time of year there were two motor homes on site,and two other touring caravans.

Whilst reading the Caravan manual I discovered that if we used the electric 2 setting, the heating system works at a much hotter level.

On the Wednesday we drove into Weston Super Mare, which was surprisingly busy considering the time of year! Morning coffee and tea were taken at the Old Colonial, a large pub restaurant on the front.  Like most of these places we benefited from free wifi, so the daily papers were downloaded to read later!

It was very wet overnight, but the morning dawned bright and sunny, so we drove down to Burnham and Berrow. We first drove down to Brean which was literally completely shut for the winter. What amazed us were the fields and fields of caravans, packed together as tightly as sardines!  Obviously winter storage areas!
On returning to the caravan we realised that the gas had run out so we switched to our small reserve cylinder.

Friday was very windy but dry. In view of the forecast weather I took the awning down as it was starting to rip!  I fear that the awning is ruined, but as it only cost £84.00 and has done about 150 nights that is not too bad!  Will browse the web and find a replacement!

We started Saturday with a leisurely breakfast,before driving to Brean beach, where we parked up for a couple of  hours, watching the sea and the exploits of people on the beach.
Brean beach

 We then set off to find somewhere to buy Lotto tickets!  One day we might win!  We ended up  in a place called Uphill.  Strange as it seems I do not recall visiting Uphill before, and it definitely deserves a return visit to explore properly!
Weston Super Mare viewed from Uphill


Very windy over night, but we slept well with no awning flapping!  Cleared up and drove home following a route through Weston Super Mare and up the A370 to Bristol.

An excellent 5 nights away, on a site we will use again!

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