Sunday, 22 February 2015

Greenacres CL, Bibury. 12th to 20th February

Well  Lizzie had been proper poorly with a chest infection, and needed even more TLC than usual.  So I loaded the caravan, which was still on the drive following our previous trip, and we set off for Greenacres.
Greenacres Farm.  The block to the left has a holiday flat above the garages.

The entrance to the CL

 An hour later we were there and we had the site to ourselves.
We chose pitch 6, and now we have a motor mover decided to go in nose first, as that way we would have a good view over the fields.
Our Sheep!

Soon we were set up and the heating was on!  This is another site where there is water on each pitch, so I was able to connect our newly purchased Aqua Roll filler upper. Waste water was run into the base of the hedge, so it was only the toilet that needed emptying daily!
This is how close the sheep got!  The blue pipe is our water connection, and the yellow is our electric supply!

We soon settled into a comfortable routine of daily papers,collected daily at 8.30 from the Trout farm just down the road, followed by a trip to Cirencester for coffee at Costa Coffee, where we also got an excellent internet connection. Then back to the caravan for a leisurely afternoon.

Lizzie's chest infection, cleared up rapidly, thanks to anti-biotics and steroids!

Two more caravans arrived on the Friday.  By Sunday the site was full, and strangely they were all caravans, not a motor home in sight!

More of our sheep!

On the Friday we had a message from Southmead to say that her Pre-op had been rearranged for the following Wednesday. This was good news as we had expected it could be delayed for some time,putting her forthcoming wrist replacement at risk.

Checking the Freelander2 over on Sunday, I discovered a great nail had pierced the front off-side tyre.  So on the Monday morning I rang Cirencester Tyre company to arrange for 2 new tyres.  This was not as much of a hardship as you may think, as I was going to put new tyres on the following week anyway!  Took the Freelander2 down to the tyre company!  What a professional set up!  No power tools used here, just old fashioned tyre spiders for removing the wheels! Then the wheel rims were buffed up on the inside.  The mechanic explained that they did this as it prevented the alloy wheels slowly deflating,as any corrosion that prevented a proper air seal was removed. I was soon on my way, and well pleased with the service!

Just before I left to get my tyres three caravans turned up to replace the ones that had left earlier in the day!  I could not believe it when they drove onto the grass instead of sticking to the service road!  Made a real mess of the grass!

On the Tuesday,which was a bright sunny day we took a drive round some of the picturesque Cotswold villages!  Everywher we went there were plenty of Japanese tourists!

Bibury Trout Fishery.  

The river through Bibury

The quaint cottages in Bibury. Notice the yellow car that recently featured in the national press for spoiling the view!

Wednesday necessitated a drive to Southmead, and miraculously we parked by the main entrance!  We were  soon seen, and then drove back to Bibury, collecting fish and chips from Cirencester on the way.

Thursday was the only really wet day of the week, and it was very wet.

We cleared up on the Friday morning, as did three of the other caravans, and drove home after an excellent week.

We will probably not return to Greenacres until the end of the year as we are setting our sight on new pastures!

That brings this years total nights to 20!

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