Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Sea Side Time! Brean

Time for a week away, so we started to think about where to go. Pembrey CC site near the Gower was our first choice, but they wanted an eye watering £161 for 7 nights. So we look around and found Warren Farm at Brean for £101 for 7 nights. Plus a shop and bar on site. We have stayed at Brean before on several of the other sites.but this was to be the first time on Warren Farm.
We set off and took a gentle run down, skirting the south of Bristol.
We were soon at Warren Farm, where we were directed to field 5.  This is purely a field for caravans and tents. It had pitches for over 120 rigs, but was virtually empty! We had booked a hard standing and were able to set up with the caravan facing west! Awning went on the grass as the hard standing was tarmac
We were soon set up in the pleasant afternoon sun.
Weston Super Mare as seen from our caravan

Tuesday was a superb day so we went out for coffee and then spent the rest of the day sat out in the sun reading.
We ventured into Weston -Super-Mare on Wednesday where after coffee in the Old Colonial on the sea front, my credit card took a bit of a bashing at Marks & Spencers!  Lizzie is getting ready for our French trip!!
Donna and Pete joined us mid afternoon and we then adjourned to a cafe called 'The Plaice' for Fish and Chips.  When at the sea side you just have to don't you.
Brean Down

We popped down to Burnham on Thursday and then just sat in the sun for a few hours until the sky became overcast and we had thunder!  This dull weather lasted right though Friday!  We were surprised how many tent campers turned up on Friday afternoon/evening.   Field 5 still looked deserted though.

Good weather returned for Saturday so after coffee at the Brean Down National Trust Cafe we adjourned to the beach for the rest of the day!  £3.00 to park all day on the beach is not bad, and you can come and go as you please.

The Beach

Ami, Lizzie's eldest daughter was 28 on the Sunday, so it was arranged that her, Anthony and the children would come down to join us, and we would all have Sunday lunch, in the Beachcomber at 3.00.
As the weather was lovely, if just a trifle windy, they all turned up at 11.00am.  So it was off to the beach.

Ami, Tony, Izzy, Charlie and Freddie

We even played football on the beach.  Tony, Anthony's dad and his wife Julie joined us on the beach.
We adjourned to the Beachcomber for lunch, which was a carvery. I have never had so much meat, beef, turkey and gammon piled on my plate.  The meat was so plentiful that we put much of it into take away containers, and used it with a salad on Monday night when we got home.

Birthday cake in the awning!

After more time back at the caravan all our visitors left for home.

We cleared up on Monday and left the site at about 2.30.   None of this Caravan Club stuff where you must be off site by 12 noon. Here they asked you, unless it was school holidays to leave by 4.00pm.

Excellent week away!

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  1. I agree with you about Pembrey. Last weekend we got mugged for over £30 a night (for just 2 adults)