Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Our First Run with the caravan

We decided that the first thing that we would do wwas to load the caravan up with all those things that you need for a comfortable life. So pots, pans, bedding etc were all put aboard. Now to learn about nose weight!  So some work with the bathroom scales and a bit of juggling with the way we had loaded and then we felt it was right.
The open road beckoned so off we went on a trial run, just to see how it handled. Out to Wickwar, up the M5 to the next junction, and then home along the A46 through Stroud.  Absolutely no problems. The Disco toed beautifully. We kept up with the traffic flow, and were often held up by slower 'numpties' usually driving Micras!
With the success of our first Towing session we looked for somewhere to go for a trial weekend.
Wales beckoned, so a Caravan Club site was booked at Pembrey, which is close to the Gowa.

We arrived at Pembrey country park after a two and a half hour run.    The wardens were superb, ex scout camp site wardens from Northumberland.  They offered to come and help us if we needed any help. Fortunately we did not, but it was nice to know that they were there.  Reversed in with no problems at all and set up within the hour. Beef in red wine sauce for dinner washed down with a few bottles of white wine.
Boy did it rain hard that night, but we were warm and dry in our little tin box.

Saturday dawned, sunny, bright and warm. Breakfast was soon prepared on the gas barbecue.

We did the house keeping, Filled the water, emptied the waste and the loo!

Off om a jaunt round the Gowa to Oxwich bay. Fantastic scenery, all bathed in  very pleasant late summer sunshine.
Got to Oxwich, and walked on the sand, collecting shells as we went.

There were lots of people walking backwards and stamping (must be a welsh habit we thought), they were actually drawing up Razor clams. You stamp, look, and if you see an air bubble pour salt on it and arazor clam pops out! They taste like 'scallops' apparently.

from there we went on to the Mumbles for a bite to eat, and of course a visit to the pier!

We did not stay on it for long as it was so rotten. Lizzie did not like it at all.
When we got back we cooked roast chicken with all the trimmings for dinner!

Sunday, dawned beautifully again. Many people were clearing up and leaving but we had negotiated a much later leaving time.

We went and wandered round Pembrey country park, which is stunning. 

After clearing up we left for our journey home over the Old Severn Bridge.

It was a really successful weekend, at an absolutely cracking site. We will certainly be back there next year!

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