Sunday, 31 October 2010

Salcombe 24th - 29th October 2010

Well the weather looked fine and bright on Sunday morning so the last few bits and bobs were loaded and we were off.  Took us about three hours to get to Higer Rew camp site , which is about a mile from Salcombe.

We got a bit lost on our way to the site from the village of Malborough. We ended up going down some very narrow lanes and suprised a few locals when they saw a Freelander towing a caravan negotiating some very tight narrow lanes. We ended up at South Sands and had to weave our way round very tight bends and a long zig-zagging hill to get back to Malborough.  Eventually we found the site, which was at the end of a long narrow lane. Fortunately we did not meet anybody coming the other way.

Camp was quickly established. It was the first time that we had to use wedges to level the van across the axle.  Whilst Lizzie sorted out the inside of the van, I put the awning, that we had bought at the caravan show up.  Went up really easily in about half an hour.  What a difference that made though as we could now store coats, chairs and of course Zoe's crabbing gear outside.
Then into Salcombe to check on the crabbing situation and to get some Fish and Chips for tea.

The view from the caravan was superb. Acres of rolling country side.

Monday was spent mooching around Salcombe.  We went back in by Taxi in the evening, so that Zoe could indulge in her passion for crabbing, followed by dinner at the Fort. Spotted this amusing sign out side Bang Wallop, a  photographers
Zoe is content to sit for hours, catching crabs off the quay side.

As you can see, she carries on long after dark.  Her record to date is 29 crabs, and 3 shrimps   I have to say it was not cold though.

Tuesday dawned wet and very windy, so after a lazy morning we headed for Dartington Cider Press. A collection of shops built at the old mill.  We amused ourselves there before heading home via Dartmouth. Yes we missed the turning in Totnes!

Tea was cooked, then it began to rain, and rain and blow.  Gales were forecast so I checked the awning  was lashed down.  During the night the caravan swayed and the awning flapped, but come morning everything was intact.

Fine and bright weather greeted us on Wednesday morning and we had a hearty breakfast.

Then into Dartmouth to meet, Ami, Izzy Tony and Charlie.  We had lunch together in 'The Station'

After lunch we wandered around Dartmouth, and saw some proper crabs being unloaded from a fishing boat. Zoe was very jealous

Zoe went back to Paignton with Ami and co to stay for the night.
We drove back through Tor Cross to suss out a Caravan Club site that we hope to use next summer.

Lizzie and I visited Hope Cove on the  way home for a quick drink.  The sea was really rough, but it looked good, but guess who forgot to take a photo.

Thursday morning saw us having benifited from a good nights sleep as the wind had calmed down.  We were off to Brixham to stock up in Fish for the freezer. Five kilo's of Plaice, Sole and Dab for £12.00. Place your orders with me for next time! We collected Zoe and drove back over the Lower Ferry in Dartmouth.
Then it was back to camp. a quick change before going into Salcombe, for more crabbing and dinner at the Fort.
After a restless night because of the wind, - well we could have rolled down the hill and crashed, we had breakfast and cleared up.
We left at 12 noon, and managed to get to the main road, without meeting anybody, or any vehicles! Thank you Lord!
Got home safely and then Fresh Dab for tea.

Caravan now washed, cleaned and drained down ready for the winter, although I think we will be using it again before the end of the year!

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