Saturday, 5 March 2011

Getting ready for the new season.

Well we collected the caravan from storeage yesterday, ready to give it a really good clean, prior to the start of our 2011 exploits.
Having given it a really good coat of polish, prior to putting  it to bed for the deep dark days of winter really paid of, as all we had to do was give it a good wash.  All the streaky black marks under the windows just wiped away.
A check of the water, gas and electric systems shows everything to be working ok.  All the bedding and other caravan stuff has been removed from our study, Horray, we have a study back, and restowed in the caravan.
So if it is sunny we will wax it again on Sunday, and the pop it back to storeage for a few days prior to our first trip, which is very  soon!
Paul and Liz Robins

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