Sunday, 8 May 2011

March 19th. Stafford indoor Landrover Show.

Picked up the caravan from Storage on Friday afternoon, to give it a good check over ready for the off in the morning.  We were on our way to an Indoor Landrover show at Stafford show ground where Landytown had a stall.
Left at 11.00am, for tyhe showground.  This was to be somewhat of a 'first for us' as it was our first session with no electric hookup!

Met up with Cathy and Rob,. Mal and Denty, who were all in tents. Everything worked well and every one gathered in our awning for Saturday evening.  The fire went out overnight, so it was a trifle chilly in the morning.

Zoe and Emily had a shock in the morning when they realised that there was no 'hook up' to power their hair straighteners,  but being determined they set off round the site to find a plug socket which they did.  They also spent most of the weekend in the woods, building a backwoods shelter out of branches.

Drove home on the Sunday evening recording 27.0 mpg.

A happy weekend, but the show was not particularly special, so probably will not go next year.

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