Monday, 9 May 2011

We crossed the Oggin 2 - The campsite

We got back to Les Chevaliers Campsite after a gentle drive back from seeing Andy and Anne at about 3.00pm on the Saturday and quickly began to establish our base camp for the next 8 night.  Mal and Julie had already arrived and had established themselves in their chalet.The awning was soon put up and everything put into its proper place. Pretty hot work this as the weather was bright sun and a temperature in the shade of 24C.

Kettle was soon on and we sat back to await the arrival of everybody else.  Meanwhile the site was also filling up with French motorhomes, so it was rather a busy site.

Robert, Cathy and the boys soon arrived.  Robert did exactly the same as us and spent ages thinking about how he was going to organise his site. Meanwhile Lizzie made them all tea.  They were soon setting up their site, whilst suprise, suprise, Lizzie and Iwent to investigate the site bar.  This was also a little shop and small restaurant.  We sat outside watching the rest arrive.
This is Robert and Cathy's superset up. Sankey trailer kitchen and Aus tent

Landytowns mobile headquarters ( a gazebo with sides) was errected amongst the chalets, to a provide a meeting place for all. Good job it was mobile as  it was moved to this more convienient location on the Sunday morning.  This is it being used for a group BBQ towards the end of the week,

The girls soon investigated the site facilities, swings, Wiff-waff, trampoline, swimming pool ( that opened on the Monday, six weeks earlier than usual.

Racing round on these pedal powered go-karts soon became great fun for all.

Sunday afternoon proved to be the time when every body got together, with an Easter egg hunt, Egg and spoon races and Easter card making. This was followed by everybody collecting in HQ later in evening prior to the Greenlaning the following day .

Lining up for the Egg and spoon race.
Preparing for the Easter egg hunt!

During the week there were some get togethers, mostly un-planned.

Although there were some more formal get togethers such as this meal, held in the camp restraunt.
Off course we had to have a formal gathering of Landrovers.

Well that is some of what we did during the week.
More will follow over the next few
days as I write up the green laning.

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