Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Dunsfold Collection. 17th to 19th June

We loaded the Freelander and set off to collect the caravan, then away up the M4 to Reading, before turning South and heading towards Guilford and beyond.
All was well as far as Guilford, before we met a traffic jam. One hour to cover two miles.
Eventually we found the site, it was marked by 4inch square signs that were difficult to spot.

We were the first of the 'Landytowners' to arrive, so we found a campsite, and set up in the long grass. no electric hook up here. Mal arrived at about 8.00pm

Saturday morning saw us up early effecting the club stand, we had the 'Camel Trophy' lot opposite us.

Frog, the Flumps and Griff all turned up, and it began to get very muddy.

An amazing number of Landrovers on the site. This is the Dunsfold collection after all which has examples of every Land Rover ever built.

There were some horrific showers during the day and it got muddier and muddier. 900 Land rovers on site.

An excellent auction in the evening.

Sunday was a much better day weathwise, but major parts of the site were roped off as they were so muddy.Over 700 Land rovers on site.

Moving the vehicles from the display area back to where we were camped proved to be an interesting drive, but as usual the freelander showed just how good it is in adverse conditions.

Cleared up and attached the caravan. As the field was so muddy we had to do a figure of eight in the field to make sure we were lined up with the gate to be able to tow the caravan out without damaging it.

An excellent weekend

Photos to follow

Photos to follow.

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