Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pembrey Caravan Club Site, South Wales. 24th -28th June

Our second visit here.
Arrived on the Friday, pitch 80, which was against the forest. and guess what it started to pour with rain.

Saturday was misty, with Low cloud and rain, so we set off inland to explore the country side, or at least what we could see of it.  We came across a quaint little railway line so investigated that.
They had a food fair on here that looked interesting.  Unfortunately you had to travel to it by train, as it was at the next station up the line.  The next train was in an hour, and the station where they were holding the fair was inaccesable by road so we gave it a miss.

When we got back to the site, the sun came out! Hooray.
Sunday was areal contrast as the Temperature reached 31 degrees.  We went to investigate the country park and beach next door!
Monday started beautifully, so we went to Mumbles. It was beautiful there, with clear blue skies and it was warm, however we were in Wales, and by lunch time it was raining!

This was our second visit to Pembrey.  Our reason for going was that this was the site we first visited with the caravan.  We are not sure if we will go back there again, as there is so much more of england to see.

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