Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pitts Farm on the Mendips 16th - 19th February

Our first real venture on to a proper greenfield site, just water and waste disposal, plus electric hook up for the grand total of £8.00 per night

When we pulled on to the site there was only one other van there. The ground was very soft so it was a good job we were in the Freelander. We set up at the other end of the field to the other caravan. Everything went well as we set up, even had the satellite TV system set up in 10 minutes. Then washed the front of the caravan.  It was plastered with mud and other unmentionable things from the road that ran through the farm.  All came off easily as it was still wet!

Checked to make sure that  we had everything!  I had forgotten the camera!

Popped down into Wells, only ten minutes away!

Very cold outside over night, but toasty inside the caravan..

On the Thursday after a fine fry up for breakfast, we set off for Clark's Village.  wandered round, and did not spend a penny. Not a place I care to visit again in a hurry.   On the Thursday night the caravan had gone, but about 6.00pm a motorhome appeared and set up right beside us

Friday was quite misty, but that soon cleared into a bright fine day. We set off to Burrington Coombe for morning coffee.  From there we drove over the top, via Charterhouse into Cheddar.  There were a lot of people around, but nothing apart from food shops seemed to be open.  No wonder the Somerset tourist board is encouraging shops to open more out of season to catch tourists.

We returned home and popped the caravan back into storage ready for our next trip, which is to be up North in a few weeks time when we will make sure that we remember the camera.

An excellent site to stay that we will use again!


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