Friday, 6 April 2012

Transfer box delivery time!

We drove down to Burrs Caravan Club Site to meet Kathy and Rob for the weekend!  They only live a mile from the site!  We were also carrying a transfer box for a Land Rover.  This had been in my garage since January, when I had collected it from Frog who had driven it to my brothers place in Basingstoke.  It was on its way to Blackie.

The journey from the previous site to Burrs Park could have been superb, if we had managed to see anything, but it was foggy.  Proper thick fog, not like the stuff we get down south!

When we got to Burrs Court we were told that only grass pitches were available. Suited us down to the ground as this was the view!
Then Blackie rang to say he was on that train and would soon be with us to collect the transfer box! yippee, now the Freelander would be able to travel at its normal high speeds, without that lump in the rear!

Then it was off to Robert and Kathy's for Dinner.  Robert collected us, in the jet propelled roller skate. We sat in their garden supping wine, and then Mark and his gang turned up!  Dinner cooked by Robert was a really special occasion! We got a taxi home, they are so cheap up there compared to round here!

Sunday dawned bright and clear, and we wandered down to see Kathy and Ethan do the sport relief mile!

This was everyone gathering at the start. So many were doing the 'Mile', that they ran several separate ones.

Soon it was time for Kathy's race!

Then they were off!

Kathy whizzed round the course, not quite doing a sub four minute, but still an excellent performance!

It was then back to the caravan, where we set around for most of the afternoon enjoying excellent weather.  It was warmer during late March, than it was in the summer of 2011.

We also watched more trains!

The following day we went on the Tram, from Bury to Media City.
Really enjoyed the tram rides, as I was able to sit behind the driver and pretend that I was driving!  Strange that we were on a 'old' railway line one minute and the next we were traveling on the streets of Manchester

 Media City is a bit of an impressive place. It is set round part of the old docks. Next door ITV are building their new studios as well.  There is also a branch of the Imperial War Museum, that we visited briefly as it was free and we were in need of a comfort break!
Manchester was certainly an interesting place.  Hopefully in the Autumn we will be able to visit there again for a longer period..

On the Tuesday Robert popped in to say farewell.   We cleared up in the warm sun and set off for home, a four hour run which returned a MPG of 27.  Not bad when towing!    Wepopped the caravan back in storage, ready for the next trip after Easter!

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