Friday, 19 October 2012

Birley Arms CL, Warton. 9th to 12th October

Well we decided that we would like to see the sites around Blackpool, particularly the Illuminations. It took us about 4 hours to drive up to Warton. The site was a small one behind the Birley Arms Hotel and pub.  Each pitch was a hard standing with grass for the awning.  Each pitch was separated from the adjacent ones by 6 foot high panel fencing. Also each pitch had its own water and electric conections. Each pitch was also supplied with a picnic bench to sit at. The hotel also had free Wi-Fi, that was available on the caravan site.
We set up and turned the power on.  It briefly flashed and then went off. I popped over to the hotel to tell them, and was told that it was only a 10amp supply, rather than the more usual 16amp one. The staff in the hotel laughed though saying it was always happening. The reasons for it only being 10amp, was because of the  people who had been leaving electric fires burning all day in their awnings.

On the Wednesday morning we decided to take a leisurely drive along the coast through Lytham to Blackpool. Spotted this Sitfire in a park there.

We drove through the Blackpool to the north of the town, where we parked up in a side street.  Then it was time to ride one of their super-duper new trams.  It cost all of £2.00 to travel 11 stops, as I was able to use my bus pass.  (there are some advantages of being an old wrinkly).

We alighted at the Tower, and then wandered along the front, marvelling at just how tacky a place could be. Now remember we were there on a Wednesday in the middle of a cold October, and the place was exceedingly busy. What it must be like at the weekend I cannot imagine.

A burger and chips for a late lunch in one of the numerous cafes, and then more wandering before visiting one of the piers, to play on the 2p slider machines.

Then another Tram ride along the front back to the car.  Each of the trams was served by a driver and two conductors.

We then found ourselves an award winning fish and chip shop for a relaxed tea, whilst we waited for it to get dark.  The lights are only on from the end of August to the 4th of November. They go on during the week at dusk until about midnight.

As 7.00pm approached we joined a queue, ready to proceed along the admiring the illuminations. It took us an hour to travel the length of the front, just under 7 miles.
The lights in places could be described as impresive, whereas in one or two places they were a bit thin. Overall though I have to say that they were impressive.

Lots of displays like this.
This was a tram, travelling along.

The lights proved difficult tophotograph, so this came from the official Blackpool website.

On Thursday we decided to go to the other side of the estuary to visit Southport. Pleasant enough drive there, but I have to say that we were rather unimpressed. A large desolate area of mud flats, and nothing else of interest along the front.  We then drove through the town, plenty of individual shops, and lots of impressive houses.  Looked like quite a wealthy place.  As it was raining though we did not stop.

Friday morning saw us clear up and set off for our next stop at Burrs Court.

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