Sunday, 1 September 2013

Royal International Air Tattoo. Fairford

The Vulcan gave an amazing display!

These bi planes 

Well this is something that we have never done before.  We joined Robert at the Kempsford campsite which  is right next to the Airfield. We arrived on the Thursday afternoon and it was burning hot. Camp was soon established. We had booked adjoining pitches, so were able to establish a neat little encampment. Then we sat back to watch the planes arriving, and also the various planes and helicopters practising their displays. Kathy and the boys arrived on the Friday morning!

We spent Friday just sat by the tent watching all the arrivals and practising as well. There is a 'RIAT' radio station that broadcasts all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and is a really detailed commentary of what is going on, so we found that very useful.

Saturday was even hotter, so as we were not going into the show, we just sat by the caravan enjoying watching all the displays. The number of people in the show was absolutely staggering!

On the Sunday we went into the show.  As it was an airfield  I was able to easily push Lizzie around in the wheel chair. We got round and saw so many aircraft, as well as vehicles related to aircraft.
Here follows a selection of some of the planes and helicopters thhat we saw.

Our pitch

I have to say that we had an amazing weekend.  Lovely company, plenty to see and do. Good food and fine wines, and absolutely perfect weather.

Next year we will take a plane spotters guide with us to help identify all that we see

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