Monday, 2 September 2013

Salcombe. But this time with a difference!

The three J's, James, Jade and Jack asked me a couple of months ago if they could use the caravan in Salcombe so that they could have a summer holiday!  So after a lot of soul searching I agreed that they could borrow it, on pain of death by a thousand cuts if they damaged it!
So arrangements were made. Jade joined the caravan club, and a pitch was booked at Salcombe!  All was going well, and then they announced that Ami, James's sister and her boyfriend were joining them!
Anyway we agreed.

The J's were all so excited!

Jade started making innumerable lists of what was needed. Then it was agreed that James would go to Reading to collect Ami and Callum, whilst Jade and Jack would stay with us ready for an early start on the Monday morning!
So I was up with lark, as is my norm ready for an early depart.  Unbelievably everybody rose early and we departed at 09.30. As we wanted to get there as soon as possible I headed for the M5 at Cribbs Causeway, instead of driving down through Bristol to join it at Bridgewater.  We had a good run down and arrived on site at 1.30.  Even the drive along the narrow road from Kingsbridge to Slapton proved uneventful.  It is a very narrow road, that proves to be a test for anybody, and with a caravan in tow can be a real challenge!

When we arrived at the site the wardens were very welcoming. I had phoned before to explain what we would be doing and they were more than ok about it.  We had a quick look around the site and spotted that pitch 10 was available. This is possibly one of the largest pitches on the site, and would comfortably take the caravan, awning, pup tent and two vehicles.

So Lizzie and I set everything up, whilst Jade amused Jack.  James and the rest arrived a couple of hours later, having been held up in horrific traffic on the A303 near Stonehenge.

Well we gave them a run down of how everything worked and they went off to explore the site. Later they walked to beach past Slapton Ley.

Dinner was cooked, and then beds made and we all turned in.  Jack was in the caravan with us, whilst everyone else were in the tent.

Jack woke at about 5.00 so Jade let herself into the caravan and curled up with him on the bottom bunk.

Everyone was up and about quite early so I wandered down to the beach to collect the papers. Thenit was back to the caravan, where I cooked a full English breakfast for everybody!

Then after finally checking that they knew how everything worked, Lizzie and I had a final brew and we departed for home leaving our baby at their mercy!

Then next few day we worried. I did not sleep particularly well, but the dily reports from Jade seemed to indicate that all was well and that they were having lots of fun!

Slapton Sands at 6.00am

Roll on a week!

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny and Lizzie and I set off down to retrieve our baby.  As luck would have it we were going to stay in the Caravan for a few days before driving home.

Well we got to the site and they were out, down on the beach.  Well the caravan was till stood up, the awning was there still.  A detailed inspection revealed that the caravan was immaculate. It was clean, tidy, they had swept it ou, and there were no dents, scrapes, scratches or anything broken.  Relief!!!!!

The happy campers returned an hour or so later.  Ok well done I said!   You have proved yourself, where will you be taking the caravan next, Oh and James, when you trade your car in get one that will tow the caravan!

They loaded up James's little car with the essentials, leaving most stuff with us, and they set off for home.

Lizzie and I stayed on the site, for the next few days before setting off for home, and then straight on to Eastnor castle for the Land Rover show.

On the Monday we went into Salcombe for morning coffee.  Excuse me for sharing some of the views.

Whilst we were at Start Bay we went into Kingsbridge on the bus.  An amazing trip on the top deck of the bus.  We even had the front seats so were able to see the skill of the driver as she navigated the narrow lanes.
One tip for anyone using this site is when you leave with the caravan on the back, wait for the bus to go past, and then follow it!  That way you get a clear road!

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