Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Burrs Country Park, Bury. 17th -21st October.

We delayed leaving on this trip as the morning was very, very windy, and towing under those conditions is no fun! The weather forecasters got it right though and the winds subsided by lunch time.
The run up the M5 and M6 was very wet, with lots of spray. 3 hours 50  minutes to the site. We were fortunate to get on to pitch 68 which has an excellent view of the East Lancs Railway.

The reason for this trip was to see Robert, Cathy and the boys, and also to enjoy the steam gala weekend on the railway.

We popped up for a brew with Robert and co, then back to the caravan. We did not put the awning up as it was very windy. Slept well, always sleep better in the caravan than at home.
Woken the following morning by a Steam train. It was Duchess of Sutherland, on a photo special. It steamed past the site, stopped, reversed back and did it again.

This went on for a couple of hours!
We drove over towards Bacup for coffee and to take in the scenery which is really amazing before returning to the site, where the train reappeared for yet more steaming for the photographers.

On the Friday we spent much of the day in Bury Market, where we added a bit to the local economy! Had been looking everywhere for a muffin tin to be able to make our breakfast specials in! Asked at one of the cookware stalls and the lady found us one!

We then spent the evening at the local pub with Robert and Cathy.

On the Saturday morning there was another photo opportunity at 8.00am.
This was a mixed goods train on a photo run!

Not as good as the one on the Thursday though.
I spent much of the day helping Robert cut down Zak's bunk bed and desk to make them fit into the bedroom better. We ended up with a job well done.

On the Sunday we decided to have a day on the A free vintage bus was running from the caravan site upto Bury station, so we took advantage of that. The bus took me back in time to King Alfred's Motor company in Winchester, back in the late 60's

We did the whole of the line travelling from Bury through Summerseat, Ramsbottom and  Irwell Vale to Rawtenstall.
Ramsbottom Station

  We went past the caravan Club site. Hope that you can spot our caravan!

 Then all the way back to Bury and on to Heywood before returning to Bury. I have to say this was just like travelling in the old days of British Rail. We even had authentic delays.
This is the engine that was pulling our train!

Then it was back to the site using the Vintage bus!  The route back took us via Bury Transport museum which looked very good so we will pay it a proper visit next time we are in Bury.
We then went up to Robert and Cathys for a magnificent Sunday lunch.

Monday dawned very wet, so i got soaked clearing up. Robert called in just as we were about to leave to wish us a safe journey.
The journey home was very wet until we got into Gloucestershire when it dried up!  A good journey that took us 3 hours 40 minutes!

Popped the Caravan back to storeage where it will have to sit until our next trip in November

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