Monday, 10 February 2014

2014 Gets Underway

On the 10th of January we set off for Broadway Caravan Club Site, which is at Broadway in the Cotswolds.

We pulled on to the site, which is built on the old Broadway Station Goods Yard.  The site was nice and bright in the sun. We pitched up ready to set up which usually takes us about 45 minutes, Lizzie doing the inside and me doing the outside! But inside there were signs that we had been invaded by little furry things that could have made themselves at home!  All the big things were emptied out, fortunately it was dry and sunny. I made sure there were none in residence and Lizzie went throught th caravan making it cleaner than it had ever been before.
Slept well that night considering.

The Saturday dawned bright and sunny so after a leisurely breakfast it was off to Broadway for coffee. Brodway is certainly a lovely Cotswoldy place - lots of Antique shops and  very busy with visitors.

We then drove on to the spectacular Broadway Tower, 300m above sea level, where it is said you can see 16 counties!

Then home for prawn cocktail and steak for tea, cooked on the Cadac of course!

Sunday was a contrasting day to the Saturday, dull and a bit Chilly.  We drove to Toddington station which is on the Gloucester Warickshire railway. It had been advertised that the station cafe was open,but unfortunately it was not!  However the station looked immaculate, unlike the Dean Forest Railway that we visited a few weeks ago.Next time we are up this way we will come back to visit this station, and have a ride on the railway.

We drove on to Winchcombe for coffee. I have never been here before.It is a rather typical Cotswold town, with plenty of little independent shops. We found a building that was once a Doctors surgery, and had been converted to an antique shop with a small cafe.  Enjoyed excellent beverages and were able to browse the antiques at the same time.

We left Winchcombe, heading west for the ridge high above the town, when the fog came down. There was nothing for it but to head back to the caravan

Monday produced good weather again, so we decided to visit Evesham as we needed to get Jade a 21st birthday present. Before doing that though we went to see the very first touring caravan that is displayed in the old goods shed on the site. This caravan certainly is spectacular. It was pulled by two shire horses.  There is a full record of it travels displayed on the walls around the caravan.

From there we went to Evesham to complete the shopping before heading back to Broadway for coffee.

Tuesday was another nice day so we were able to clear up easilly before leaving the site and heading back to storeage!
Another good break!

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