Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The last trip of the year!

Well it is December so it must be Exmoor House Caravan Club Site in Dulverton.

On the Monday we had the Caravan cleaned at Chipping Sodbury Caravans. I clean the caravan regularly, but find the roof difficult to do so they did it properly for us.

Drove down through Somerset, stopping for our customary burger in Wells.  Then we discovered that every farmer in Somerset had decided to go muck spreading, so that when we arrived on site  the caravan was filthy.  We set up on pitch 13. Venison for dinner and then bed!

Pheasant squawking outside the caravan woke us at 6.30 am! One of the advantages of this site is its location right in the middle of town, so I was able to walk in and collect the papers.

Then when Lizzie had roused herself we went into town for coffee and some retail therapy (Christmas shopping)

We then set off to Morrisons in Tiverton. I do love these empty country roads that twist and turn,so it was into sport mode and a good old trash down the lanes!  Back to site and the Christmas tree and lights were put up!  The Caravan was also washed!

On Friday we drove out to Woolacombe and Coombe Martin. The colours over the moor were amazing. Lizzie took lots of pictures on her ipad, so at some point, when I have worked out how I will transfer them to here.

Saturday began very wet, but we were not worried as we were going to Dunster by candle light. We drove into Minehead station car park. We then caught a bus up into Dunster. There were 12 coaches running a shuttle service from Minehead to Dunster. There were also 8 coaches running a shuttle service from The other side of Dunster. As you can imagine it looked very pretty, with the street lit by candles in Ikea lanterns.

 All the shops were open, but there were only four stalls in the street.  It looked very good, but I do not think it was as good as Chipping Sodbury Victorian Evening.It got so very crowded that after a couple of hours we got the shuttle bus back to Minehead and had a pleasant run home before a Fish and Chip supper.


On the Sunday it dawned very cold,and the valley was filled with mist!

Today it was Dulverton by Starlight, so we spent the day writing Christmas cards and then wandered up into Dulverton.  What a contrast to Dunster. All the shops were open. There were lots of stalls and it felt very good. Even the Policeman had entered into the spirit of things.
We spent a very enjoyable few hours just wandering around, sampling a few beers and spending money on the stalls.  This is one event we will aim to return to next year.

See     dulvertonbystarlight.co.uk

Then it was back to the caravan to cook a roast chicken dinner, and to watch the finale to Dulverton by Starlight that was a spectacular firework display from Dulverton Church.
A really super day to start off our Christmas festivities

On the Monday we cleared up in a leisurely way before driving home, stopping again in Wells for a burger and a brew from our favourite burger van The caravan was popped back into storeage until early in January 2104..

So ends our 2013 caravan year. We have been away every month and have had a truly wonderful year!
Hopefully 2014  will see some major changes, but more of that in 2014.

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