Sunday, 21 August 2016

Riat 2016, a wedding and Southwell

Well after a couple of days at home we were off again, this time to Fairford for the Royal International Air Tattoo.
We drove up there and met up with Robert who had arrived the previous day. We soon set up camp and settled down for a few days of serious plane viewing. We were in our usual position on the field so had a good view.   Our new awning, purchased from Norwich Camping had arrived whilst we were in France, so we were able to put that up for the first time.  It is exactly the same as the previous one.
This year we had decided not to go in to the actual airfield, just to sit and watch, as many others did.
Also on the Friday we were going to leave late afternoon as we were attending Bailey and Pauls wedding the following day.  So on Friday, when Mark had arrived we left for home. When we got home Jade, James, Jack and Josie were there.  Lots of hugs as we had not seen them for 11 weeks.
Enjoyed the wedding which was held a Tortworth Court

We arrived back at the caravan on Saturday night at about six pm, and joined Robert and Mark in the bar!
Sunday was spent watching the displays as we sat outside of our caravan enjoying the excellent weather.

Monday morning started early as all of the planes, some 300,  that had come for the show started to depart.  It was like being at Heathrow as there seemed to be take offs every minute or so.

  Whilst watching the activity we cleared up ready to move on.  The planes certainly got close to us as they lined up to depart!

We were moving on to Southwell to see Nic, Stuart and Scarlett for a few days.
Robert followed us north until we reached the M42, when hen sped off along to the M6 and we headed North North East towards Southwell.
We got to Maythorne campsite at about 4.00pm and set up. We were soon joined by Nic, Stuart and Scarlett.
We stayed at Southwell for a week, enjoying excellent weather. Whilst there we spent some time exploring the town which really is a delightful place.

Southwell minster
The Minster is well worth a visit, and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend one of their services.

Whilst we were at Southwell we all went to visit The Midland Railway, Butterley.
We went for a ride on the train, and were fortunate to travel in a Diesel Multiple Unit with seats right behind the driver!
Our view of the line

On our journey along the line we went through Swanwick junction where they encourage you to get off and visit the loco sheds.  We however decided to drive there, but there were no sign posts to it, so with some superb work on her Iphone Nic discovered the route.

It was a truly amazing place, with all the sheds open.  Unusually you could wander everywhere, even through the engineering works.  Very unusual to be able to do this in such Health and Safety concious days.
A selection of photos from the dozens that I took follow.

Our train

Some wagons and locos were stored outside

Inside one of the very modern workshops

Inside another of the sheds!  This shed needs a new roof though.

Next door was this place.

Inside it was full of all sorts of Fork Lift Trucks

 It  was good to spend time with them all, and also to meet up with Nics Mum and Dad again.

Scarlett making biscuits!

 After a few more days spent with Stuart, Nic and Scarlett, it was time for us to depart for home as Stuart and family were going to travel to their new home just south of Munich.

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