Monday, 22 August 2016

Start Bay, Devon

We decided that the South Hams would be our next destination, so with the Freelander and caravan loaded we set off taking our usual route down through Wells, Glastonbury and Street, aiming to join the M5 at Bridgwater, thereby avoiding all of the congestion that happens each week end between Bristol and Weston Super Mare.
Our plan worked and when we joined the motorway the traffic was flowing well.
Our first stop was to be Steamer Quay CC site at Totnes. This site is unusual in as much it is the only one run by the Caravan Club that does not have Electric hook up!

The River at Totnes looking north.
The site is right in the middle, almost on the edge of the river.  We arrived at 4.00pm and I wandered into town to book a table for dinner. No luck though as everything was fully booked, so at 6.30 we had some excellent take away pizzas.

Looking South.

At 10.30 the following morning we were packed up and on our way.  By stopping at Totnes overnight we are able to get to Start Bay Caravan Club site  for 12 noon.

As it was we arrived there at just after 11.30, having had an excellent run through the narrow roads, and were allowed on to the site. We pitched up on the grass, and soon had the awning up along with Zoe's tent.
Our set up!

The site was looking superb, with the managers Steve and Sue obviously having everything well under control.
Later in the afternoon I wandered down to Tor Cross to check out the beach!

Looking North along the beach at high tide.

Zoe and Mitch arrived the following day.  I popped into Salcombe to arrange some Mackerel fishing for later in the week.  It was regatta week so the town was very busy.  Unfortunately the Monday turned out quite wet, but that was the only rain we were to experience over the next couple of weeks.
On the way back from Salcombe we called into Cholwells Farm CL, as we are booked in there for later in the month.  £12.00 a night as opposed to the £25 we were paying at Start Bay.

On Wednesday, Zoe, Mitch and myself headed for Salcombe to go fishing. Unfortunately, Just as I had paid the parking fee we had a phone call to say no fishing as beyond the Bar the sea was far too rough. We were however rebooked for Thursday afternoon.

We went fishing in glorious weather on the Thursday afternoon, and came back with loads of fish!

Heading out over the Bar to fish!

Salcombe from the estuary always looks good!

One of the yachts moored in the harbour.

Even the countryside looks good from the sea!
 The weather had turned really hot and sunny, so we occupied our time by sitting in the sun outside the caravan, or down on the beach. I also spent some time fishing off the beach for Mackerel.
Each morning I went for a long walk down to Tor Cross to collect the daily papers.  As I did this I was able to compile some good photos of the beach, and Slapton Ley, which is a large lake that lays behind the road.

Looking over Slapton Ley from the coast road!  I would love to live in one of those houses.

Slapton Ley from another angle.

Yet another view along the beach!

The tank on the beach
 Each day when out walking I would pass this tank!  It was placed here after being recovered from the sea.  This part of the South Hams was evacuated in November 1943 for the Allies to practice for the  invasion of France on D Day.  visit    for the complete story!

We spent the rest of our time there visiting local beaches and villages bathed in the gorgeous sunshine.

The weather stayed beautiful right up until we left on the 14th of August getting home late afternoon ready for Zoe's birthday on the Monday.

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