Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Burrs Country Park Caravan and Motorhome Site!

Only home for a few days and we were off again heading up north for the East Lancs Railway Steam Gala.
All went well as we sped up the M5, making good time. Then on the information board over the Motorway came the message 'M6 Closed'.  Warning bells begin ringing in our heads, but then the signs disappear, so the M6 is obviously open again!
We carry on, still doing well, and then the warnings started of slow traffic around junction 14,  we slow down, then we crawl, and eventually stop!  It took us about an hour to complete the next few miles.
All caused by a lorry fire and the motorway needed to be resurfaced.
We finally arrive at Burrs after a five and a half hour journey, two hours longer than usual.
We were able to set up on the corner pitch, our favourite as it gives an excellent view of the railway line.  We set up and then head up to Robert and Kathy's for dinner.
Amazingly Dennis the dog, just looked at us and then laid down, not a sound.

We spent Thursday shopping, as Bury has many shops that are not near us at home.

The Steam gala started on the Friday morning, so we settled down to watch the activity.

Although we could have  sat and watched trains going backwards and forwards all day, we set off for Bury Market, as we had a list of odds and ends we wanted. After a couple of hours wandering the market we headed back to the caravan to continue our train watching.

There is a new station at Burrs Country Park. one train in three stops at the station. This means that Engines heading North have to work really hard as they leave the station.

That evening all of us went to Toby Carvery for dinner. I have to say I thought it was pretty good.

On the Saturday morning Robert and I caught the first down train at Burrs Station, as we were going to enjoy a day on the railway.. Our aim was to try to travel behind each of the engines that were running. We went as far as Ramsbottom, then caught the up train to Bury.

Our first train of the day, which we caught at Burrs Country Park Station.

 We then traveled up and down the line, behind various different engines. A selection of photographs follow!

Burrs Country Park CMH site, with Lizzie outside the caravan

Lunch was taken at the Irwell Valley Brewery

City of Wells was the only Loco that we did not travel behind!  Have traveled behind it before though
We enjoyed traveling up and down the line, enjoying the on train bar ,when at 17.00, we got the last train that was stopping at Burrs Country park, and back to the caravan. Kathy collected, Robert Lizzie and myself and we went up to their house for dinner!
Then home for an early bed!

on Sunday we watched the trains for a while and then went to a shopping centre called Boundary Mill. Unfortunately I had forgotten to leave my credit cards at home, so Lizzie indulged in a lot of retail therapy at my expense!  I did however get refillable salt and pepper mills that I was after then it was back to Robert and Kathys for a sumptuous Sunday Dinner!

On Monday we ahd not expected to see any trains, but there was a photographic charter running!
The Goods Train Photographic charter!

This was a little mixed goods unit running up and down in front of us for an hour!  it ran past us, then reversed back beyond the station, and did it again and again!  All for the benefit of photographers who were paying £50.00 each for the privilege! On our side of the fence there was no charge!

We then cleared up and were home in three and a half hours!  Better run home than coming up!

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